Jun 3

About a “very well supported” report..

TC> Don’t even try to debug that Excel file.
It’s working for me though

GT>it doesnt work for me
so it’s interesting

TC> That report is like.. a construction site, where everything works with tape and glue, no one understands how, but it works

Feb 9


2) Process Standardization - A long term solution will be to define the standard process and roll it out across all sites. The process will be in line with the business requirements and transportation use cases identified during on site analysis (Kaizens). The process will be entirely mapped on our systems to ensure full traceability for all sites and eliminate off-line work. Kaizens will be run in all sites in order to dive into operational issues and challenges and suggest solutions for a standardized process.


Feb 24

As much as I don’t like the CC company.. This is ducking brilliant. Bow to the agency that did it.

Oct 7

An email received after a call between 2 teams:

Steps to install cert on Android device as requested.

Asked the sender:

> I asked them - do you really want me to google it for you? They said yes!

Feb 6

A reasonable request:

Please send us an email on what you know, and what we don’t know. Thanks.

Dec 6

how to handle big data center properly:

days becoming worser
network switch missing
some one sees idle switch
moves it to another data center
our backup webserver is suddenly gone from network

Jul 20

The following error…

Hi Team,

The CM is tying internal transfer and the following error i shit: Please help to advice the reason for this error code.

BIZ OP: (…)

…is hit ;-)

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